Thinking of buying a new home?

Preparing to Buy

Price range and pre-approved? Remember to include legal fees, land transfer tax, mortgage insurance and utility hookups in your total cost. Know the costs of a home inspection and home appraisal or survey. Moving costs can vary based on volume, distance and whether you hire a professional mover. Have wiggle room in your budget to cover the cost.

How is Your Credit?

When you apply for a mortgage, your credit score is important.

•Postpone major purchases like buying a new car or furniture with cash or credit, until after you buy your new home.

•Get a credit report on Equifax and clear up credit issues before you apply for your mortgage.

Finding Your Perfect Home

Many buyers think that finding the perfect house is easy, but by searching online, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the homes on the market. Many houses are sold before they even make it onto the MLS.


What most people do at first. Advertisements, Drive byes, Open Houses


In many cases. Many homes aren’t advertised, Matrix today - MLS in 3 days – sold or behind. Many don’t have for sale signs. In office listings (meetings or general conversations)

What does work (Best strategy)

1. Thoroughly understand your needs for your new home

2. Do an initial search of existing homes for sale that meet your needs

3. Create an automatic buyer search program, customized specifically to meet your needs

4. Notification by emails sent immediately

5. Research For Sale by Owners, Cancelled listings etc. for potential matches

6. Prospect 2 hours per day for listings that are not yet on the market

7. Discuss your needs and wants at our weekly sales meeting

8. Preview properties regularly to help save you time

9. Eliminate any properties that do not meet your needs

10. Contact the listing agents to gather details on the qualified homes

11. Personally door knocks the neighbourhoods you are focusing on to identify any possible sellers not on the market.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

I will help ensure the property you find provides the lifestyle you are looking for (amenities, schools, local attractions, public transportation, zoning, etc.).

•Resale Value:
I will help you determine if the property will have resale value when you are ready to sell.

Understand How the Market Affects Price

Buyer’s Market:

  • Many houses for sale

  • Longer days on the market

  • You can offer a lower price

  • You can ask for better terms

Seller’s Market:

  • Fewer houses for sale

  • Houses sell very quickly

  • You must offer a higher price

  • Seller dictates the terms

Paying the Right Price

Comparable Properties:
Once you find a property you like, I will show you comparable properties that have sold recently and those currently on the market at similar prices.

Local Market Knowledge:
My local market expertise will ensure you don’t pay too much for the property. I will also help you identify defects that may affect the price.

Once we find a home you like.

1. Advise you as to the best offer strategy prior to preparing your offer

2. Create the purchase contract and arrange for it to be presented

3. Represent you on all offer presentations to ensure negotiation and the best possible price

4. Provide you with a list of all potential closing costs

5. Assist in arranging financing, appraising, inspections as needed

6. Provide a list of qualified trades people to assist with your home

7. Supervise completion of all paper work

8. Ensure your financer and lawyer receive all information

9. Arrange follow up visits and final walk through

10. Ongoing support even after you’re in your new home

Closing the Sale

When it is time to close, you will meet with your lawyer/title company to make the final arrangements:


•Settlement of taxes and utilities

•Payment of closing costs

•Signing of final documents

•Disbursement of funds to the seller

•Transfer of title to the property

•Handing over the keys


Congratulations! Now you legally own the house!